Fedor & Zhuo

Fedor contacted us to help plan and prepare a surprise marriage proposal for his love Zhuo. Paris is absolutely the perfect romantic place to ask the big question. The sun was brightly shining to capture this ultra romantic surprise proposal and we were very happy to be a part of their special moment.



Everything was ready when they arrived at the “Love locks” brigde Le Ponts des Arts, a perfectly hidden stereo awaiting to play their favorite song at THE moment, and paper snowflakes ready to be tossed in celebration by our assistant Vincent. When Fedor got down on one knee and asked Zhuo to marry him, she was shocked and elated. Under the applauding of the crowd she said Yes!



When Vincent started to toss the paper snowflakes on the happy couple, Zhuo was really surprised to discover that her fiancé also organized the proposal photoshoot.



Congratulations and best wishes on their engagement,

Julien LB


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