Jang Mi and Vincent

A 10 year love shoot in Paris with a beautiful couple coming from Chicago. Jang Mi and Vincent‘s anniversary photo shoot in Paris was so fun to cover! Vincent’s idea was to surprise Jang Mi with a Romantic and very personal anniversary gift. For sure Jang Mi felt very surprised, excited and happy when I have announced her that I was a Paris professional photographer hired by her husband! I immediately understood how great the photo session will be, fantastic!

Happy love anniversary to the sweet birds!!!



When Vincent contacted me to plan the anniversary photo session he asked me to advise him with a typical Parisian location (quiet, unique and beautiful location in Paris) but in fact we have end it up in the place that Vincent has visited the first time he came to Paris long time ago, a beautiful church colored with a lot of paintings, and small streets with colorful doors. This was the perfect location for an unforgettable photo session in Paris.


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If you wish to know more about this unique and so special location in Paris, please contact me! I know so many other beautiful and typical Parisian places to capture your moments and celebrate your anniversary or your engagement. Don’t hesitate and let me know your plan!


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Julien LB & PICmyTRIP Paris


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TESTIMONIAL seen on Yelp PICmyTRIP Paris review


« First, let me say that I am a professional photographer. I’ve done work for major publications, been paid to travel across country for shoots… So when I got the idea to find a photographer to shoot my wife & I on our 10 year anniversary vacation, I was thrilled when I found PicMyTrip Paris … Julien was amazing to work with. .. Having a photo session for you & your love, or family, on special vacations, is the way to go. You know arm extended selfies and asking random people to use your camera is no way to go after you just dropped a few grand a flight & hotel…From using the web site to book a session and the follow up emails (in English), this was a simple and stress free process. Oh and did I mention that the photos are just G’  damn amazing! »


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