Christina & Andrew

Planning to visit Paris for a romantic trip? It is time to celebrate your love with a mini photo session. The perfect gift to offer for Valentine’s day! Or even the perfect photography package for a surprise proposal in the city of love, Paris.



Here an example of a great love photo session in Paris, with a beautiful and so happy couple in love visiting Paris, Christina and Andrew from Washington DC, USA.




They contacted me for a mini photo session in the city of Love. It was their first photo session ever with a professional photographer, and wow! Believe me it was great, fun and intense (and cold too)!




I enjoyed so much capturing their beautiful complicity and love, and what a pleasure to be a photographer in such nice conditions.




If as Christina and Andrew you are planning a photo session with a professional photographer (yes it is me, Julien LB) in Paris, drop me a line, I will be very happy to help.




I love this photo! It looks like they are flying in the air to my direction. They have super power, the power of Love!


All the very best,

Julien LB Photography Paris & PICmyTRIP Paris


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