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Jeremy from New-York organized a surprise 48H Paris trip for his love Sylvia. He contacted me to discuss how I could help him to prepare and photograph his romantic marriage proposal at the Eiffel Tower for Valentine’s day. It is always very exciting to plan surprise proposals and even more to photograph them.


Jeremy and Sylvia surprise Proposal in Paris - Julien LB photography Paris 6 - Copie

Few hours before being in Paris, Sylvia had no clue of how her Valentines weekend will be . When she realized at NY airport that their flight was not going to Las-Vegas but Paris in France! This was the 1st part of the unforgettable emotional shock. Sylvia said that first she didn’t understand why Jeremy asked her to bring warmer clothes just in case.


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Jeremy wrote down the full the story on his page, Thanks to him to let me quote with some excerpts of his beautiful post.

« I decided to propose her since few months ago, but it takes me until January 2015 to figure it how I wanted it to go. I wanted it to be a complete surprise. A surprise behind a surprise. It had to be on Valentine’s Day, in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, complete with a photographer, and of course, a flower bouquet!. »




« I began contacting few photographers that is in Paris. I reached out to a few photographers that I really like, and luckily I heard back from the photographer i had on the top of my list, Julien. His work is amazing, and very easy to work with. After exchanging few emails with him about my plan for the surprise proposal, I finally had a plan in place. »


Jeremy and Sylvia surprise Proposal in Paris - Julien LB photography Paris 7 - Copie

« So, today is the day.
I explained to her that we will be going to a very nice cafe the early morning, so we need to wear some nice clothes. I text Julien the night before, confirming the proposal plan. I was planning to shoot a video, so I brought a small microphone in the front pocket. Crap, the engagement ring box is too big to put on my front pocket too. I cant fit the box anywhere without being stand out. I was afraid she is going to notice it. So i decided to put it inside the front pocket, and keep my suit unbuttoned. We walked to Trocadero, »



« I tried to keep walking by her right side, hoping she wont notice the box…I saw Julien from a distance…he approached us asking for a picture of us.. He then directed us over to one side of the square. I moved my tripod and began to shoot the video. He began instructing as a bit as he snapped some more photos. After couple seconds, he walked towards us and show us the picture. Sylvia take a look at the picture and she was like « woooow! We look nice on the picture ». And Julien walked back to his spot, and now it was my time to shine. »


Sylvia happily said YES to Jeremy !!

« Then Julien made his way over to us and explained to Sylvia that he is a professional photographer, and i had hired him. I booked Julien for another 2 hours and a half so we could take some more pictures around Paris.

Then we go back to hotel, so Sylvia can change her clothes and shoes.
We went several nice spots in Paris. Julien did great pictures and he is such an amazing photographer to work with. Our trip ended on the love locks bridge. We celebrated the engagement by opening up a small Champagne on the bridge, then we said good bye to Julien. »


Jeremy and Sylvia surprise Proposal in Paris - Julien LB photography Paris 8 - Copie

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« We had such a blast in Paris, and on the flight going home, i could watch her looking down at the ring and smiling. I am now engaged with the love of my life. To top of it, the same day I also received 1 edited picture from Julien. After seeing the picture, all of the stress in planning the proposal became more even worth it.

Now comes the next step in our journey as an engaged couple ».




Congratulations on their engagement in the city of Love!!


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Julien LB

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